Personnel from government agencies and a tour company headed the rescue of a humpback whale found snared in a fishing net in the ocean near Baja California Sur, Mexico's Environment Secretariat said.

The cetacean was sighted by the ship's crew of The Abyss, who reported they had seen a pair of humpback whales and that one of them was caught in a net off Punta Ballena, Baja California Sur state, the secretariat said in a communique.

"A rescue team was immediately activated in coordination with the Cabo San Lucas harbormaster's office under the command of Braulio Cota," it said.

The rescuers set sail for where the whale had been sighted, while keeping in constant contact with The Abyss and other boats sailing through the area to notify them about the operation and ask for further information.

Around 11:45 a.m. Thursday they found the snared whale, "which apparently was a calf accompanied by its mother."

The rescuers then proceeded to free the sea mammal from the fishing net, an operation that "ended with a successful and coordinated rescue," the Environment Secretariat said. EFE