A man suspected of working for Mexico's powerful Sinaloa drug cartel was arrested in this capital, the Guatemalan Attorney General's Office said Friday.

Police apprehended Edgar Rolando Saguil, a Guatemalan citizen, on Wednesday in the Guatemala City neighborhood of Santa Luisa, a spokesman for the AG's office said.

Saguil was a reputed lieutenant of compatriot Felix Pimentel Lopez, who was arrested Dec. 8 in the Pacific coastal town of Champerico.

The Sinaloa cartel employed Pimentel and Saguil to arrange the transport of South American cocaine across Guatemala to Mexico, the AG's office says.

Saguil is charged with criminal conspiracy and various offenses related to drug trafficking.

Investigators say Pimentel seized control of drug smuggling on Guatemala's Pacific coast after the October 2010 arrest of Mauro Salomon Ramirez. EFE