Hispanic children under age 9 whose families own mobile devices or computers use them more than their cohorts in other ethnic groups, according to a study published by the National Institute for Latino Policy Inc.

The report entitled "Media, Technology and Reading in Hispanic Families" was prepared by Northwestern University and the National Center for Families Learning.

By devices, Hispanic children use tablets 11 minutes more per day, computers 13 minutes more and smartphones 16 minutes more.

This study, which was based on surveys of 663 Hispanic families with children younger than age 9, seeks to present a view of family customs regarding electronic media.

The analysis also found that Latino children read an average of 68 minutes per day, 14 minutes more than kids of the same age in other ethnic groups.

Hispanic parents see the regular use of these devices as more positive than negative, with 59 percent of them saying the computers are good for their children.

The image of cell phones and television is not so positive, however, with only 34 percent and 33 percent, respectively, approving of them.

The daily use of the television in these homes is greater than among other ethnic groups, with the TV being watched 2 hours 7 minutes, on average, while in other families it is watched an average of 1 hour 38 minutes.

However, the majority of Latino parents believe that it is essential for their children to become proficient at using computers and digital devices. EFE