Police in Cancun are investigating a possible case of telephone extortion and "virtual kidnapping" of two Colombian women in the Mexican resort city, a task in which they have requested consular help from the South American country.

Sources with the Quintana Roo state Attorney General's Office told Efe that the women provided statements on what occurred to them at the city's international airport, where they were attended to by the authorities after making their complaint.

The mother and daughter were guests in a downtown Cancun hotel and were tricked via telephone into depositing 25,000 pesos in cash (about $1,920) into a bank account and paying 2,500 pesos ($192) in telephone charges.

Under circumstances that are being investigated, after being extorted, the women were taken by a taxi driver to a Federal Police checkpoint located on the highway leading to the Cancun airport.

There, they were attended to by the police and in the statements they gave there one of the women, whose identities were not made public, told police that on the night of Dec. 14, while she was in her room at the Hacienda del Castillo hotel, she received a telephone call.

In the phone call, she said she was told that to avoid future serious problems she would have to pay the requested amount.

The woman followed the instructions of her extorters, and the pair decided to change hotels and leave their belongings and their rented vehicle, but they continued to receive phone calls in which they were told they were being watched.

After taking the women's statements, the Quintana Roo AG's office on Monday formally opened an investigation into the case. EFE