The Puerto Rico Police Department said Monday that, as of 15 days before the end of the year, there has been a 6.7 percent decline compared to 2012 in serious crimes, including murder, rape, robbery, serious assaults, break-ins and car theft.

"These numbers reflect the daily efforts of our officers and provide proof of the work that the police are doing every day to improve the quality of life in Puerto Rico," the new superintendent of police, James Tuller Cintron, said Monday.

He added, however, that "these results are not enough and call upon us not to be complacent and to work harder."

Through Sunday, a total of 46,664 type 1 crimes had been registered, compared to 50,079 in 2012, according to the PRPD figures.

The figure for this year includes 859 murders, 7.4 percent fewer than in 2012, 5,769 robberies - a decline of 5.4 percent - and 13,461 break-ins, down 9.2 percent from last year.

In addition - and since the entry into force of the law mandating prison time for anyone found to have engaged in "celebratory gunfire" and toughening the penalties for crimes linked to illegal weapons - a total of 149 weapons and 6,768 rounds of ammunition have been confiscated and 52 people have been arrested on related charges. EFE