The Carolina Foundation announced Monday that it will offer 523 scholarships for Ibero-American students for the 2014-2015 academic year, including four for a Master's Degree in Agency Journalism awarded by Agencia Efe, Spain's international news agency, and King Juan Carlos University.

This is the 14th edition of the Carolina Foundation's scholarships, which cover all areas of study.

There are five types of scholarships: 309 postgraduate ones, including 50 for doctorates and short-term post-doctoral activities; 34 travel scholarships for Brazilian professors; 50 for the Madrid Complutense University's summer program; 13 for business projects; and 67 second-year doctoral and post-graduate scholarships.

In the field of communications, four scholarships are being awarded, all of them financed by Spain's Gas Natural company, so the winners may participate in the Master's in Agency Journalism program, a seven-month course of study in academic training and six-month paid internships in the offices and bureaus of Agencia Efe in Spain.

One new feature of this round of scholarships offered by the Carolina Foundation is the Business Projects program, where students will complement their studies with a period of practical experience in "startups" and businesses with a heavy technology component. EFE