At least 13 Iraqis died Saturday and 30 more were wounded in attacks all across Iraq, police officials told Efe.

According to the official, a car bomb blew up near a tent set up by Shi'ite faithful in the Rasala neighborhood of southwest Baghdad as a place to share food and beverages with others of their belief, on a day commemorating the death of Imam Hussein. Later they were to travel to the city of Kerbala in southern Iraq.

The explosion killed six and wounded 14, while damaging cars parked nearby, he said.

In another incident, a group of unidentified men killed two police officers and wounded another two during an assault on a federal police checkpoint in the al-Yihad neighborhood southeast of Baghdad, the source said.

In eastern Baghdad, a civilian died and nine others were injured by an explosion of two bombs near a popular market in the Nahrawan district.

Another bomb explosion cause one death and wounded five people in the Rashidiya district on the northeast side of the capital.

In addition, a group of gunmen attacked a food store in the town of Huriyah northwest of Baghdad and killed the store's owner with arms fitted with silencers.

The same source confirmed that unidentified armed men burst into the house of Yasem Maini, head of the railroads in the city of Biyi, north of Baghdad, and shot him dead.

In another incident, unknown assailants attacked a Iraqi police checkpoint in the province of al-Hauz, west of Baghdad, where they killed a policeman and left another critically injured.

Iraq is going through a resurgence of sectarian violence and terrorist attacks. During the month of November, 948 people, mostly civilians, were killed in the attacks, according to Iraqi government figures. EFE