A Brazilian power company and a consortium of domestic firms were awarded three of four transmission concessions on offer in a Friday auction.

The winners of the contracts awarded by Brazil's Aneel electricity industry regulator were Transmissora Aliança de Energia Eletrica S.A., or Taesa, one of the country's largest electricity transmission companies, and the Transmissão de Energia Brasil consortium, in which Braxenergy has a 70 percent stake and LT Bandeirante Empreendimentos has the remaining 30 percent stake.

The only foreign companies authorized to compete in the auction were the Spanish multinationals Abengoa, which did not submit a single bid, and Elecnor, which was part of a consortium that also did not bid for any of the concessions.

Taesa, which holds 24 transmission concessions in Brazil and operates 9,400 kilometers (5,840 miles) of power lines, was awarded the contract for a line in the Belo Horizonte metropolitan area.

The company was the lone bidder for that concession.

Transmissão de Energia Brazil, meanwhile, was awarded two of the concessions in a pair of rounds in which it also was the lone bidder.

The first involves building and operating three transmission lines stretching for 316 kilometers (196 miles) and an electrical substation in the northeastern state of Maranhao.

That same consortium also was awarded a concession to install and operate a 230-kilometer (143-mile) transmission line in Aracati and two substations in that same northeastern region.

The bidding round for a license to build an electrical substation in the western town of Jaru was declared void due to a lack of interest. EFE