Two Spanish journalists abducted Sept. 16 in Syria were seen alive a month ago, El Mundo newspaper editor Pedro J. Ramirez said Tuesday.

The daily announced Monday that special correspondent Javier Espinosa and photographer Ricardo Garcia were kidnapped at a checkpoint near the Turkish border as they were trying to leave Syria.

At a press conference together with journalist Gervasio Sanchez, spokesman for the families of the kidnapped newsmen, Ramirez said that he didn't know if they are being held in captivity together.

Ramirez and Sanchez said that contacts have been attempted to try and secure their release, but for the sake of caution and safety they had said nothing about it until Sunday.

They said the kidnappers have made no explicit demands and all that has been communicated is that Espinosa and Garcia are "under investigation."

The two men are being held by a jihadist group calling itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The Spanish government has kept informed about the incident from the outset and "I'm sure" that it is doing "everything in its power" to free them, Ramirez said.

He added, however, that he didn't know whether the government has intervened in the lines of contact being explored by Espinosa's partner, journalist Monica G. Prieto, who sent a video from Beirut in which she pleads for the release of the captives.

Ramirez called on the kidnappers to free the captives and recalled another Spanish journalist abducted in Syria, El Periodico's Marc Marginedas.

The kidnapping of these journalists is "impeding media coverage and throwing a mantle of darkness over what is happening in Syria," Ramirez told the crowded press conference. EFE