At least 13 people died and another four were wounded in isolated attacks in Baghdad and areas north of the Iraqi capital, police officials told Efe.

An armed group gunned down seven teenagers - the youngest was 12 - who were tending livestock near the village of Budha in the northeastern province of Diyala.

Elsewhere, four reputed members of al-Qaeda died in an operation by special forces of the Defense Ministry near Sadiyah, 60 kilometers (35 miles) north of Baqubah, capital of Diyala.

Security forces found arms and explosives at the site, officials said.

In addition, several unidentified persons shot and killed a member of the pro-government Sunni militias in front of his home in Siniyah village, Salaheddin province, some 180 kilometers (110 miles) north of Baghdad.

Those militias aid Iraqi government troops in their fight against al-Qaeda in the mostly Sunni provinces of northern and western Iraq.

Meanwhile, a civilian lost his life and another four were wounded by a bomb explosion near a market in the Sha'ab area of northeastern Baghdad.

Iraq is experiencing a resurgence of sectarian violence and terrorists attacks. The November death toll was 948, according to figures compiled by the Iraqi government. EFE