British police arrested three people on Sunday in the case of a soccer player who allegedly accepted a bribe of 30,000 pounds (about $49,000) for ensuring that a referee gave him a yellow card during a match in England.

Three people, whose identities have not been released, are being questioned by police, a spokesman with the National Crime Agency, or NCA, said.

Earlier, the NCA had said that it had received information about the alleged match-fixing from The Sun On Sunday newspaper and that it was working on the matter in conjunction with the Football Association, although it did not provide further information or say which division of the sport was involved.

An undercover reporter for The Sun confirmed meeting with another player who said that he had managed to fix the awarding of a yellow card during a football match, media reports said.

That player, who apparently was acting as an intermediary, said that he could rig Premier League matches and matches at next year's World Cup in Brazil.

The intermediary, apparently, said that he had even hit another player the previous weekend in order to be expelled from the match, for which he said he earned a good sum of money. EFE