At least four pilot whales died and 30 others were stranded when a pod beached itself in a remote area of Everglades National Park in southwest Florida, officials said Wednesday.

Several television stations broadcast images of the whales, which were stranded on the beach as the tide went out and could not make to deep water.

Rescue teams from Everglades National Park aboard four boats are trying to keep the pilot whales alive until high tide.

"Rangers and workers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration responded and found 10 beached whales and the others in shallow waters nearby," NBC 6 in Miami reported, citing a national park spokeswoman.

The pod stranded itself on Tuesday afternoon near Highland Beach on the southwest edge of Everglades National Park.

Beachings of whales in shallow waters are not unusual, Everglades National Park spokeswoman Linda Friar told NBC, adding that the low tide was making it "very difficult" to push the whales out to sea.

Rescue workers are trying to keep the marine mammals hydrated and cold as temperatures rise during the day, Friar said. EFE