Two people died when a building collapsed in downtown Havana due to powerful rainstorms that have lashed the northwest coast and central Cuba for over 24 hours, official media said Saturday.

In their preliminary reports on the downpours, authorities said that a 50-year-old man and a woman of 60 were killed in the building where they lived when it collapsed Friday in downtown Havana.

"The construction of several floors was badly damaged, and yesterday suffered the first collapse at daybreak followed by another around noon," the National News Agency said, based on reports from residents of the building.

Besides that incident, the authorities reported "several partial collapses" in the Cuban capital due to the ceaseless rains.

The storms, which began Friday morning and are continuing through Saturday, have caused serious flooding, particularly in Havana, where at its lower levels or where there are drainage problems the streets are underwater and blocking traffic.

In its latest alert, the Meteorology Institute of Cuba, or Insmet, said that driving rains will persist in the coming hours and look to be strongest in towns on the northwest coast and in the central part of the country. EFE