Bombings and attacks in and around this capital left 17 people dead on Monday, while two others were killed in the northern city of Mosul, Iraqi police told Efe.

The deadliest incident was an explosion at a market in central Baghdad, where 11 people died and 25 were injured.

Three people were killed and 15 wounded in a car-bomb attack near a police station in the Shiite neighborhood of Bob al-Sham. Another car bomb killed one person in south Baghdad's Dora district.

In the Amil district, men carrying guns equipped with silencers fatally shot an employee of the Justice Ministry.

A member of the Islamic Party was gunned down as he got into his car in al-Muzana, a neighborhood on the north side of the Iraqi capital.

Security forces in Mosul shot and killed the driver of an explosives-packed vehicle as he tried to detonate the charges near a police patrol.

The car did ultimately explode, however, killing one other person and injuring 13.

Political and sectarian violence has surged this year in Iraq, with security forces and the country's Shiite Muslim majority the main targets.

Nearly a thousand people were killed last month, according to figures from the U.N. mission in Baghdad. EFE