Ten people were killed and 22 others wounded Friday in bombings and shooting attacks in greater Baghdad, Iraqi security sources told Efe.

A bomb blast in the southern suburb of al-Madaen left three people dead and six injured.

All of the casualties were civilians.

Three members of a Sunni pro-government militia died and three of their comrades were wounded by a roadside bomb in al-Tarmiya, north of the capital, the sources said.

The Sunni tribal militias, known as Sahwa, arose in 2006 to fight al Qaeda and are seen as defacto allies of Iraq's Shiite-led government.

Two people were killed and more than a dozen others hurt in separate bombings at Sunni mosques in al-Sayedia and Abu Ghraib, respectively.

A physician died when a limpet mine attacked to his car exploded, while a police colonel was gunned down in front of his home.

The violence in and around the capital came a day after a car-bomb strike at a market in the eastern province of Diyala claimed 30 lives.

Political and sectarian violence has surged this year in Iraq, with security forces and the country's Shiite Muslim majority the main targets.

Nearly a thousand people were killed last month, according to figures from the U.N. mission in Baghdad. EFE