A Russian court on Thursday released Argentine Greenpeace activist Camila Speziale, who had been jailed since mid-September for protesting against the economic exploitation of the Arctic.

Speziale left the prison in St. Petersburg, where she had been transferred on Nov. 12, after obtaining bail on Tuesday, the ecological organization said.

Still in prison is Miguel Hernan Perez Orsi, also from Argentina, although hopes are that he will be released soon given that he has already been granted bail by the court.

The court, which is handling the case of the vessel Arctic Sunrise, which Russian authorities seized on Sept. 19 in the Barents Sea with 30 Greenpeace crewmembers on board, imposed a bail of two million rubles (46,000 euros, or about $61,870) on the Argentines.

Speziale is one of the 11 crewmembers who have been freed two months after the boat was confiscated by the Russian coast guard when the Greenpeace activists tried to moor the vessel to a floating platform owned by Russia's Gazprom energy consortium.

Among those released so far is Brazilian Ana Paula Maciel, who is staying in a hotel since, for the moment, the released activists have been prohibited from leaving Russian territory.

"Until a definitive decision is made on their ... case, they may not leave Russian territory," an immigration service spokesman told the official RIA-Novosti news agency.

"The Arctic 30," as the activists have been dubbed by Greenpeace, have been accused of hooliganism for trying on Sept. 18 to board Gazprom's floating Prirazlomnaya oil rig in the Barents Sea.

The crewmembers of the Arctic Sunrise come from Russia, the United States, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Ukraine, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Finland, Sweden and France. EFE