At least 15 people died and 55 others were wounded in a string of bomb attacks staged Sunday around the Iraqi capital, an official with the security forces told Efe.

The source said that four people died and 11 were wounded when a car bomb exploded in the mainly Shi'ite neighborhood of Al Husseiniya, in northeastern Baghdad.

A similar attack, the official said, killed at least three people and wounded nine in the Al Gadir zone in southeastern Baghdad.

Also, three people died and eight others were wounded when a bomb blew up near a high school in the capital's southern Al Radwaniyah district.

The security forces official added that a car bomb exploded in the Al Durah zone of southern Baghdad, killing two people and wounding six, as well as causing extensive damage to nearby vehicles and shops.

Meanwhile, two people died and 10 were wounded when a car bomb exploded in the Al Karrada business district in downtown Baghdad, while another vehicle blew up in the Al Yawader neighborhood, killing one person and wounding 11 others.

Also, at least 10 people died and 22 were wounded in other attacks and clashes around Iraq, mainly in the town of Al Tuz, in Salaheddin province, north of Baghdad. EFE