A 68-year-old Italian citizen was gunned down over the weekend in the Mexican Pacific resort city of Acapulco, Guerrero state Attorney General's Office spokesmen said.

Moreno Gallo, who "was a member of the mafia" on the east coast of Canada in the 1970s, was shot dead at a restaurant in the resort city's tourist district on Sunday night, an AG's office spokesman told Efe.

People close to Gallo, who had lived in Guerrero since being deported from Montreal, Canada, last year, identified him, the AG's office spokesman said.

Investigators are gathering "testimony and evidence provided by people linked to the victim in different areas, including romantic, work and friendships, among others," the Guerrero Attorney General's Office said in a statement.

There are no leads on the gunmen who attacked Gallo as he dined at an Italian restaurant, the AG's office said.

Two men entered the restaurant and one of them pulled a firearm from the waistband of his pants and fired nine shots at Gallo, who was hit in the back and head, eyewitnesses said.

Officials have contacted "the Italian Consulate in Mexico about the repatriation of the victim's body to his country of origin," the AG's office said. EFE