The Brazilian judiciary annulled the diplomatic passport granted to a son of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva days before the end of his term, according to a ruling made public Monday.

The decision by Judge Jamil Rosa de Jesus Oliveira was handed down last Friday and throws out the appeal presented by defense attorneys for Luis Claudio Lula da Silva, the former president's son, attempting to overturn the ruling made in early October to withdraw his diplomatic passport.

The ruling may now be appealed by the defense team before the Federal Court of Brazil's 1st Region, which is based in Brasilia.

Lula's son had received the diplomatic passport on Dec. 29, 2010, two days before the former president ended his presidential term.

Brazil grants diplomatic passports to presidents, vice presidents, Cabinet ministers, legislators, the heads of diplomatic missions, superior court magistrates and former presidents.

Also having the right to receive such a passport are the spouses and children under age 21 - or disabled children of any age - of the persons listed above, but Lula's son, who was born in 1985, did not fall into any of those categories. EFE