Authorities on Thursday rescued 17 people who had been held at a clandestine clinic where patients were subjected to electroshock and even rape, the Ecuadorian Attorney General's Office said.

Among the people freed is a minor, who said that he "was tortured with electricity to 'heal' his behavior problem," the AG's office said on Twitter.

The facility in question is the Union and Hope Clinic in Hacienda Pisuli, north of Quito, the daily El Telegrafo reported.

Also held at the clinic, which authorities raided Thursday morning, could possibly have been a young man named David Romo, who disappeared on May 16 in Quito, the AG's office said.

The Ecuadorian government in July revealed the existence of a network of clandestine centers ostensibly specializing in treating addictions and homosexuality where acts of torture were carried out and two people died during the past year.

One of the cases is that of a young woman named Zulema, who last June said she had been placed in an establishment in Napo province by her family where she was subjected to treatment to "cure" her of being a lesbian. She said that she was tortured at the facility and suffered physical and psychological attacks.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the clinic was owned by the provincial health commissioner. EFE