A group of residents of the central Mexican municipality of Guadalupe Victoria set fire to city hall on Tuesday to protest rising crime.

The incident occurred in the municipality's downtown area after a shopkeeper was fatally shot during a robbery, the Puebla state Public Safety Office said in a communique.

A group of citizens entered city hall to reproach Mayor Felipe Cortes for the lack of security in the area and wound up setting fire to the building and to four police cars.

In addition, they burned two other buildings and a vehicle, all of which are Cortes' property.

No one was injured.

Authorities launched an investigation to find those responsible for the violence and to hunt down the attackers who killed the shopkeeper.

Puebla state police began patrolling Guadalupe Victoria last month after many of the town's roughly 16,000 residents rejected the local force, the Public Safety Office said.

"The townspeople did not accept the fact that the municipal police officers came from the municipal seat and would only let them maintain a base, but not make patrols, and so it was necessary to bring in the state police," it said.

The office added that last week it agreed with the residents of Guadalupe Victoria to train the local police and thus reduce the public's lack of confidence in them. EFE