John Densmore, one-time drummer of the legendary American rock band The Doors, said during a visit to Costa Rica that it is important to make sustainability a priority if we're going to stop destroying nature and the planet day after day.

"If we don't begin to think in a sustainable way, Mother Nature will just tell us goodbye," Densmore, who was visiting Costa Rica to take part in a forum on sustainable development and tourism called "Personas, Planeta y Paz," or P3, told Efe.

The 68-year-old musician said Earth has only one life and we have to be aware of what's happening so we don't make it shorter than it has to be.

"I say it's a woman and sometimes she has rashes called cities. Sometimes she scratches herself and that's when we have a hurricane or an earthquake," the musician said.

Early this year he launched his second book, "The Doors Unhinged," in which he writes about the legal battle over the use of the band's name on a tour being organized by the other two members of the group, guitarist Robby Krieger and keyboard player Ray Mazarek, who died earlier this year.

The subject has already been discussed about giving a reunion concert of the legendary band founded in 1965, though the musicians haven't considered who might substitute singer Jim Morrison, who died at age 27 in 1971, Densmore said.

But the California musician said the reunion concert will be staged soon.

"We're doing it in honor of Ray (Mazarek) and we hope to donate the whole box-office take to some organization that works fighting cancer, though we still haven't decided which," Densmore said. EFE