The Colombian army on Tuesday captured four FARC guerrillas accused of being responsible for a terrorist attack last year on a police station in the city of Tumaco in which 12 people died and more than 70 were wounded.

The four rebels initially belonged to the Black Eagles criminal band and then joined the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, the army said in a communique.

The arrests were made in the Pacific port of Tumaco, in Nariño province bordering on Ecuador, which in recent weeks has been the target of numerous attacks by the FARC on energy infrastructure, some of which the authorities also blame on the arrested rebels.

According to the army, those arrested were tasked with obtaining food, medicine, explosives, weaponry and clothing reserved for the use of the Public Force to provide to the FARC guerrillas in the region.

In the operation to nab the four, troops seized one rifle, two submachineguns, a grenade launcher, three pistols, a revolver, four grenades, eight ammunition clips, 17 cellphones, a communications radio, ammunition and military uniforms. EFE