Mexico City wants to change its municipal vocation from being a business center to a tourist city and attract affluent visitors thanks to its "surprising" gastronomic and cultural offerings, the city's tourism secretary told Efe here Monday.

On the first day of the 34th edition of the World Travel market being held at London's ExCel complex, Mexico City is pursuing a "strategy of change."

"Our first course of action is to change the vocation of Mexico City," Miguel Torruco Marquez emphasized, noting that to date, "as it is the capital and showed weekday hotel occupancy of 71 percent, it was logical to view it with a business profile."

"We have much to offer: 183 museums. We are the city on the world level after London with the most museums and next month two additional ones will be inaugurated - one of them, the largest aquarium in Latin America," he said.

Besides its cultural offerings, Mexico City also has 1,500 "tourist quality" restaurants.

The strategy is designed to respond, Torruco Marquez said, to the priority the government of Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera has placed on tourism.

To achieve these objectives, the secretary said, "we're appropriately integrating the product, which was unfocused."

By way of example, the politician said that in Mexico City there were four "splendid" Mexican army museums that had not been open to the public.

Following the new guidelines, two buses were outfitted to traverse the so-called Mexican Army Centennial Circuit and transport tourists to the four museums on Saturdays and Sundays in the care of special guides. EFE