The second U.S. drone strike in 48 hours on the tribal region of North Waziristan left at least five people dead, Pakistani media outlets said Friday.

The unmanned aircraft fired two missiles at a structure in Danda Darpakhel, near the district capital of Miransha, where a drone strike Thursday killed three people, Geo television and Express Tribune newspaper said.

More than 130 people have died in a score of drone strikes in Pakistan this year, where the U.S. military has mounted no fewer than 30 such attacks in every year since 2007.

Deeply unpopular in Pakistan, drones have been back in the headlines after last week's meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and a subsequent newspaper report indicating Pakistani support for drone strikes against militants.

Citing what it said were top-secret CIA documents and Pakistani diplomatic memos from the period 2007-2011, the Washington Post reported last Thursday that Islamabad not only accepted the program, but even suggested targets.

Sharif's administration denied complicity with U.S. drone strikes.

"Whatever understandings there may or may not have been in the past, the present government has been very clear regarding its policy on the issue," Foreign Office spokesman Aizaz Chaudry said last week in response to the Post's story.

Last week also saw the release of a report from Amnesty International denouncing the deaths of Pakistani civilians in the drone strikes.

AI reviewed all 45 known drone strikes that took place in North Waziristan between January 2012 and August 2013, documenting one in October 2012 that killed a 65-year-old woman and another three months earlier that killed 18 laborers, including a teenager.

The son and grandchildren of the 65-year-old woman testified Tuesday at a U.S. congressional hearing in Washington.

A recent study by the United Nations said at least 400 civilians have perished in drone strikes in Pakistan, while the Bureau of Investigative Journalism says the death toll could be as high as 926. EFE