Thousands of teachers gathered in San Juan on Friday to protest the Puerto Rican government's plan to overhaul their pension system.

Holding up placards with slogans such as "Don't toy with my retirement," the teachers marched from the capitol to the Fortaleza, seat of the executive.

The demonstration was organized by a coalition of organizations, including the Puerto Rico Teachers Association and the National Union of Educators and Education Workers.

"This is a warm-up. Today is the awaited day in which we will be presenting proposals to the governor," teachers association president Aida Diaz told Efe.

Some forecasts indicate the Teachers Retirement System will run out of money in 2020. The system has accumulated a deficit of $333 million since 2010.

Puerto Rico's 1,426 public schools employ some 36,000 teachers, who are eligible for retirement after 30 years of service. EFE