At least three people were wounded Friday in a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, Efe learned at the scene.

Authorities told passengers that a minimum of three people were wounded and that all flights would be delayed by up to three hours, according to Efe's Jose Antonio Torres, who happened to be at the airport, known as LAX.

Torres, who arrived at LAX aboard an Aeromexico flight from the Mexican capital, said he saw around 40 passengers standing on the tarmac.

The Los Angeles Police Department said earlier that multiple people were wounded in the shooting at the security checkpoint outside Terminal 3.

A man carrying a rifle appeared at the 3 checkpoint and opened fire, eyewitnesses said.

The wounded include a Transportation Security Administration employee.

The shooter, who may also have been wounded, is in custody.

Authorities blocked ground access to LAX.

"I heard a total of maybe 8 to 10 shots fired in maybe two bursts," one witness, Nick Pugh, told KNBC-TV. "Everyone dropped to the floor and started crawling along the crowd."

President Barack Obama was informed of the shooting, the White House said. EFE