An anti-establishment group clashed with police Thursday in downtown Rome during a demonstration called to demand the right to affordable housing.

The protest was called by the For Housing Movement - which demands jobs and homes for everyone - and demonstrators hurled various objects at police, including bottles of water, coins and eggs, whereupon the police responded by firing tear gas.

The confrontation developed into a small street battle along central Tritone Avenue, where a police armored car was attacked by a group of youths, some of them wearing masks or hoods, who climbed onto the vehicle and from there threw objects at the officers but then jumped down and rocked it back and forth.

Some demonstrators used the flags they carried to attack the officers, and police responded with their nightsticks. Several people were injured, including at least one police officer.

Most of the businessowners in the area decided to close up their shops and tourists also fled the zone to get out of harm's way.

Posted on the facade of the Italian Chamber of Deputies on Thursday morning was a poster bearing the word "Casa" (house) and several flags of the Asia and USB social movements, while waving over the square where the parliament building stands was a huge red flag.

The clashes with security forces broke out when the groups demanding the right to housing began moving toward Stamperia Street, where a National Association of Italian Municipalities conference is under way, a meeting in which Rome Mayor Ignacio Marino is participating. EFE