The recent arrest in Mexico of a reputed drug kingpin led to the seizure of a cartel arsenal near this capital, Guatemalan police said Thursday.

Gerardo "Yanqui" Jaramillo, alleged to have run the Guatemalan operation of Mexico's Los Zetas drug cartel, was arrested Oct. 8 in Mexico City.

Based on information relayed by Mexican authorities after they questioned Jaramillo, Guatemalan police searched two residences about 30 kilometers (19 miles) southeast of the capital.

Found inside the homes - and four vehicles parked at the dwellings - were a submachine gun, 24 assault rifles, a dozen shotguns, grenade-launchers, 11 grenades and nearly 4,000 rounds of ammunition, among other armaments.

Two Mexican nationals were detained at the residences, Guatemalan police said.

The arrests and the seizure of the arsenal dealt "a significant blow" to Los Zetas in Guatemala, Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said.

The investigation continues, prosecutors told reporters. EFE