The case of Anjelica Castillo, the 4-year-old Latino girl who was murdered in 1991, was sent Tuesday to the New York Supreme Court by Judge Lisa Sokoloff.

She set a date of Nov. 21 for the arraignment of Conrado Juarez, the cousin of the girl dubbed "Baby Hope," who was arrested in early October and confessed to sexually abusing and killing the youngster, although he later retracted the confession.

The grand jury investigating the case decided that there was sufficient evidence to bring Juarez to trial, Juarez's attorney, Michael Croce, told the press outside the courthouse.

When asked about Juarez's confession, the lawyer said he "didn't trust" it and that all such statements must be carefully examined.

"I don't trust any statements that were made, by any individual, after being in custody for such an extended period of time," Croce said. "I would expect that we will find out that statement was not videotaped or recorded, and that is by design."

In an interview granted last week to The New York Times in Rikers Island jail, Juarez said that he had been coerced by police into confessing but he had not killed the girl. EFE