Homeland' is bigger than its characters," one of the show's protagonistas, British actor Damian Lewis, said.

Lewis said he is sure that his character, Brody, will remain part of the story as long as it lasts, but admits that "a character can always be killed off."

"I signed on for the whole series," the actor said, but added "if I survive."

Lewis is convinced that both Carrie (Claire Danes) and Brody could die in spite of being the absolute stars of a series that has won five Golden Globes and eight Emmys.

If any of them die, "it would be very traumatic, but it's something that could happen. That's what makes the series so exciting," Lewis said.

What is known is that its third season opened with Brody's absence, the uneasiness of Carrie (Danes) and a search for answers by the CIA following the explosion at its Langley headquarters, with which the second episode of the cult series ended.

Lewis, who was born in London in 1971, spoke on the phone with four Spanish journalists, one of them from Efe, and tried not to reveal what will happen in this new season that began less than a month ago in the United States.

His character, Brody, is a man who for a long time served many masters, who joined the Marine Corps while still very young and who only begins thinking for himself when he is kidnapped in Afghanistan.

"I don't believe that Brody is a happy person, but I do believe he is going to survive. He will continue with his life around the world, like a deeply unhappy antihero. Like a cockroach, he'll never die, but his life will always be difficult," Lewis said. EFE