The Chilean rock band La Ley is making a comeback after eight years out of the spotlight with a concert at the next Viña del Mar Festival and a tour of Latin America.

Organizers of the Viña del Mar Festival confirmed the participation of the group led by singer Beto Cuevas in the 2014 edition of the contest, while the daily La Tercera on Saturday announced the band's upcoming tour around the continent, citing sources close to the musicians.

The daily also revealed that the only Chilean group to win a Grammy in the United States and which made a hit in the 1990s throughout Latin American with albums like "Invisible," "Vertigo" and "Uno," is working on a number of new songs.

Details of the group's plans, according to the newspaper, will be announced by Beto Cuevas at the Latin Grammy Awards gala in November.

In La Ley's comeback, Cuevas will be accompanied by Mauricio Claveria and Pedro Frugone, which the daily said came as a surprise to Luciano Rojas and Rodrigo Aboitiz, original members of the band.

During its appearance at the Viña del Mar Festival, which required three months of negotiations, La Ley paid tribute to its founder, Andres Bobe, to mark the 20th anniversary of his death in a motorcycle accident. EFE