Groomed in the world of telenovelas, Saul Lisazo is an actor forever seeking new challenges and who believes that artists of his generation have the experience to enrich Hispanic productions.

Lisazo, who returns this season to U.S. television with the Mundo Fox series "El Octavo Mandamiento" (The Eighth Commandment), said that "the days as a heartthrob are past for the actor over 50, but the United States gives you the chance to do 'adult' stories, whether in movies or telenovelas, but always evolving."

"The actor who thinks he already knows everything is simply going backwards, if you ask me," he said. "Your career backs you up, but everybody must find the place where he belongs, and not try and stay back in the day when he was the heartthrob or the star."

The 57-year-old Argentine, who began in the telenovelas of Mexico's Lucia Mendez in "Amor de Nadie" (1990), said his acting is now going through a new phase.

The series, which first aired in Mexico in 2011, tells the story of a family of journalists who thought their mother, a famous photographer, died in the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York, only to have her turn up alive 10 years later.

Lisazo plays the part of Julian San Millan, owner of a newspaper and husband of the missing photographer, who, while struggling to restore his wife to a normal daily life, is suffering himself from the violence in Mexico and the constant threats against journalists who cover the drug war. EFE