Two Guatemalans suspected of working for Mexico's powerful Sinaloa drug cartel were arrested Friday in the northern province of Peten, a spokesman for Guatemala's national police said.

Antonio "Toño" Pompa and Wilmar Anavisca, alias "El Chino," were apprehended by members of the Tecun Uman Task Force and will be flown to the capital later on Friday, Pablo Castillo told reporters.

The suspects are Sinaloa cartel "operators" who oversee the transport of illegal drugs from Honduras - a transit nation for South American cocaine - to southeastern Mexico, an Interior Ministry spokeswoman told Efe.

The Sinaloa mob now dominates the drug trade in Guatemala, according to a report released last month by the independent research outfit InSight Crime.

Around 350 tons of cocaine pass through Guatemala en route to Mexico every year, InSight Crime estimates, and the groups that move the drugs across the Central American nation earn some $1 billion annually. EFE