Six of the 11 immigrants who were rescued alive after a boat capsized near Miami were detained, authorities said Friday.

Four people died in the accident.

One of those detained faces charges of attempted human trafficking.

The 25-foot boat capsized Wednesday morning some 14 km (9 miles) from the U.S. coast, trapping four women and a man under its hull,

When rescue personnel managed to turn the boat upright they found the bodies of the four women, but the man - who had managed to survive by finding an air pocket - was still alive, albeit "in convulsions," Coast Guard spokesperson Marilyn Fajardo told Efe.

Eleven people including one teenager were rescued alive from the water next to the boat's hull.

The survivors, of Haitian, Jamaican and Bahamian origin, were put aboard a Coast Guard boat on the high seas, where they received food and medical attention.

The immigration accord signed by the United States and Haiti in 1981 establishes that all undocumented Haitian immigrants intercepted by U.S. authorities will be repatriated.

In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, the Coast Guard intercepted at sea a total of 508 Haitian immigrants and 1,357 Cubans, Fajardo said. EFE