The death toll from a stampede at a Hindu temple in the central state of Madhya Pradesh stands at 110, Indian authorities said Monday.

Another 100 people were injured, some of them badly, and bodies are still being pulled from the Sindh River, The Times of India said.

The stampede took place Sunday on a bridge over the Sindh leading to a temple in the town of Ratangarh.

Some 20,000 people were on the bridge, while as many as 500,000 were already in or around the temple for the eighth day of the nine-day Navaratri festival, devoted to worship of Hindu goddess Durga.

The Times of India cited accounts that the stampede was spurred by a rumor that the bridge was about to collapse.

But others blamed mistakes and negligence by authorities.

"It was a huge administrative lapse on part of the state government. There were no policemen to control the crowds. Big vehicles carrying devotees were allowed to ply on the bridge and this caused the tragedy," survivor Manoj Sharma told the Times of India.

Another survivor said baton-wielding police charged into the crowd on the bridge. EFE