Russian police sent reinforcements to the Biryulyovo district in southern Moscow to try and control the demonstrations that degenerated Sunday into massive protests over the murder this past week of a young man, allegedly at the hands of a migrant.

Between 1,000 and 1,300 people - according to various sources - have been participating in the incidents unfolding in that neighborhood, where a crowd of residents and nationalist militants tried to attack a vegetable warehouse where migrants from the Caucasus region work.

The noisy crowd is accusing a migrant of stabbing to death a young Russian man last Wednesday night as the latter was trying to defend his girlfriend.

Police questioned about 100 people in relation to that incident, but emotions have been running high and finally led to Sunday's rioting, with the crowd setting up improvised barricades on the streets near a shopping center to block the passage of security forces and a group of protesters tipping over a minibus.

Police made several arrests after some demonstrators managed to get to the shopping center and began smashing store windows.

The protesters tried to remove their arrested fellows from the police vans, but anti-riot police responded by using nightsticks on the crowd.

After that, thousands of people began marching toward the shopping center, shouting slogans against migrants and police arrested at least 10 more people, the ITAR-TASS news agency reported.

The Russian Interior Ministry announced that it had put the Moscow police on alert. EFE