The International Committee of the Red Cross, or ICRC, confirmed Sunday that six of its employees have been abducted in northern Syria by an unknown armed group, a spokesman for the organization in the Middle Eastern country told Efe.

Rima Kamal said that the team was captured Sunday about 11:30 a.m. (0830 GMT) in an area controlled by rebels on the highway that links the towns of Sermin and Saraqeb, in Idleb province.

Kamal said that the ICRC lost contact with the team - comprised of Syrian and foreign physicians - Sunday morning.

The ICRC workers last Thursday went to Idleb to evaluate the local health situation and had planned to head for Damascus on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government-run news agency Sana said Sunday that a presumed terrorist group opened fire on the vehicle in which the Red Cross team was traveling on the Idleb highway and kidnapped them.

Syria is the scene of daily kidnappings and robberies, which have multiplied since the vicious internal conflict broke out in March 2011 between supporters and opponents of President Bashar al Assad, a civil war that has taken the lives of more than 100,000, according to U.N. figures. EFE