Guatemalan security forces arrested eight suspected gang members on Tuesday in connection with the Sept. 8 massacre of 11 Indians in a rural community north of the capital.

Those under arrest, including two women and a minor, belong to the "Crazy Rich" cell of the fearsome Mara 18 gang, an Interior Ministry spokesman told Efe.

The Crazy Rich group is known to operate in San Jose Nacahuil, where the killings took place.

Police and prosecutors "carried out 20 raids, which led to the capture of the suspects," the spokesman said.

"Four more arrests have yet to be made, which we believe will be done in the next few hours," he said.

At least 11 people were killed and more than a dozen others, including three children, were wounded when gunmen opened fire on a liquor store in San Jose Nacahuil during the wee hours of Sept. 8.

The motive of the massacre was probably the store owner's refusal to pay protection money, prosecutor Arturo Aguilar told reporters.

In one of the houses raided, authorities found a rifle and a handgun, which, according to investigators, had been used in the massacre. EFE