Munich's traditional Oktoberfest ended over the weekend after a two-week run, drawing 6.4 million visitors from around the world, who consumed 6.7 million liters (1.77 million gallons) of beer, Oktoberfest director Dieter Reiter said Monday.

The number of people treated this year for alcohol poisoning was down compared to previous festivals, the Red Cross said.

A total of 638 visitors were treated for alcohol poisoning this year, while 708 were treated in 2011, the Red Cross said.

The venue where Oktoberfest is held was occupied by an agricultural fair in 2012, reducing the number of visitors.

A total of 7,551 people were treated by paramedics during the two-week festival, down 20 percent from the figure in 2011, the Red Cross said.

"It was a normal Oktoberfest, we can actually almost say it was a quiet one," Red Cross spokemsman Peter Behrbohm said.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, Germany's main brewing region. EFE