At least 23 people died on Monday and more than 70 were wounded in a series of car-bomb attacks in mainly Shi'ite areas of Baghdad, a source within the Iraqi Interior Ministry told Efe.

The blasts occurred at markets and along streets of shops the day after 27 people died and 125 were wounded in several attacks on Shi'ites in the capital and northern Iraq.

A car bomb and a homemade bomb detonated simultaneously in a market in the Al Husseiniya zone in northern Baghdad killing five people and wounding 20.

Four civilians died and seven were wounded in another car-bomb blast in the Al Dura zone, in the southern part of the capital.

In Al Shafaraniya, in southeastern Baghdad, four people died and 12 were wounded in another car-bomb explosion.

Yet another vehicle parked alongside a highway exploded in the Hai al Ialam zone in the southwestern part of the capital, killing three people and wounding 11.

In addition, seven people died and 27 were wounded in three similar attacks in the central and eastern districts of Baghdad.

Nearly 1,000 people died last month in Iraq as a result of political or sectarian violence, bringing the civilian death toll for the year so far to almost 6,000, according to figures from the U.N. mission in Baghdad. EFE