At least 19 people died Sunday in a road accident in the Andean Huancavelica region in southern Peru when a bus went off the highway and plunged into a ravine 80 meters (260 feet) deep, according to a preliminary police report.

The bus owned by the firm Antezana, which was traveling the route between Lima and the province of Acombamba, crashed through a barrier early Sunday morning near Carhuaranja.

RPP radio reported that two children were among the fatalities, while the state-run Andina news agency said that about 20 people were injured in the accident.

Col. Julio Prado of the Peruvian police said on RPP that the authorities and the transport company are using cranes to recover the bodies of the dead, as well as the injured people who remain trapped inside the vehicle's wreckage.

Road accidents are frequent occurrences in Peru because of the country's winding mountain roads, the poor condition of many vehicles and the inexperience of many drivers, among other factors. EFE