A group of thieves made off with tech products valued at 1.8 million reais ($800,000) from the storage area at Brazil's busiest airport, police said Monday.

The robbery occurred about 9 p.m. on Sunday at Sao Paulo International Airport in Guarulhos and was staged by about 10 people armed with handguns.

The group, wearing the uniforms of a delivery firm, arrived at the airport's cargo area in a van bearing a company logo.

Once inside the terminal, they headed for the TAM airline storage area and, brandishing their weapons, they subdued and tied up the five security guards on duty there.

In 30 minutes, the group loaded into the van a number of computers, electronic tablets and imported cameras that were being warehoused there prior to clearing customs.

The firm responsible for administering the airport reported that it is cooperating with police in the matter and that it had placed at their disposal all the images recorded on security cameras in the cargo area.

In October 2012, in a similar assault, a group of men armed with machineguns invaded the Viracopos airport in the interior of Sao Paulo state and stole a shipment of Apple computers valued at 3.9 million reais ($1.7 million). EFE