At least six people died and 42 others were wounded in an attack in Erbil, the capital of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, according to Kurdish security forces, who also reported the deaths of six terrorists.

The sources said in a communique that a car bomb exploded near one of the headquarters of the so-called Asayish, the Kurdish-Iraqi security service in Erbil, after which a group of suspected terrorists immediately tried to enter the building.

The armed group threw grenades and opened fire on Kurdish forces, who confronted the extremists and killed six of them.

Those people wounded in the attack are members of the police and the Kurdish security forces, the communique said.

Earlier, the local government health minister, Rikut Hamo Rashid, said that a series of explosions had occurred near a headquarters building of the Kurdish-Iraqi intelligence service, according to the Web page of Pukmedia, with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, or PUK, headed by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

Local communications media said that five car bombs blew up in various parts of Erbil.

One of the vehicles exploded near the Asayish building, a police source told Efe.

After the series of attacks, the security forces released a communique that was posted on the Kurdish-Iraqi government's Web page asking the citizens of Erbil to take precautions and not come near the site of the attack.

So far, Iraqi Kurdistan had remained largely unaffected by the violence besetting other parts of the country, given that hardly any attacks had been registered in any of its three provinces.

Around the rest of Iraq, the number of attacks has increased, especially those staged against Shi'ites and the security forces.

At least 30 people died Sunday and another 40 were wounded in an attack by an alleged suicide bomber against a Shi'ite mosque in southern Baghdad.

On Sept. 20, the majority of Iraq's political leaders and parties signed a pact of "social honor and peace" to try and quell sectarian violence around the country. EFE