The Mexican government on Wednesday paid homage to the five police officers who died while helping to rescue victims of Tropical Storm Manuel.

The federal officers were honored at a solemn ceremony headed by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

They lost their lives last Thursday when the helicopter they were riding in while conducting rescue activities crashed.

"The federal police officers who gave their lives for their countrymen are a profound loss for Mexico and for this force," said Peña Nieto, who added that the men were among the 4,888 personnel mobilized in helicopters and police vehicles to rescue 938 people and transport more than 88 tons of food to storm victims.

The offices who died in the chopper crash were Enrique Briceño, 57; Desiderio Rosado, 43; Jose Ramon Pelaez, 37; Isaac Escobar, 32; and Julio Cesar Zarco, 29.

Peña Nieto acknowledged "the courage, the dedication and the professionalism" of all those who participated in helping the storm victims, including soldiers, marines, police officers, doctors, nurses, rescue workers and volunteers.

In addition, the president emphasized that Mexicans are "proud and inspired" by the exemplary work of collecting and distributing food and other supplies that had been undertaken by institutions that altruistically supported the people affected by the storm.

Guerrero is the Mexican state that was most affected by Manuel, which - combined with Tropical Storm Ingrid approaching from the Atlantic basin - resulted in the known deaths of 130 people and left dozens of people missing. EFE