At least 14 people died and 22 others were wounded Wednesday in an attack on government installations in the northern province of Kirkuk, an Iraqi police source told Efe.

Militants targeted the city hall, police station and courthouse in the town of Hawijah.

Among the dead are three soldiers, seven civilians and four gunmen.

Two car bombs exploded simultaneously near the police station, and that was followed by shelling with a mortar and a ground assault.

In April, 26 people died in Hawijah when police and army troops forcibly broke up a protest in the town square by Sunni Muslims.

The incident unleashed a wave of violence in different parts of the country and protests in the provinces with a Sunni majority.

Ten other people died Wednesday in assorted attacks elsewhere around Iraq, the police source said.

A group of gunmen burst into a home in the Al Shaab neighborhood in northeastern Baghdad and murdered the six members of a family they found there, including three children.

In the town of Al Miqdadiya, 120 kilometers (74 miles) north of the capital, two farmers died in another attack.

Also, at least two soldiers were gunned down and another was wounded by an unknown group of gunmen traveling in a civilian vehicle in the vicinity of Al Tayi, 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Baghdad. EFE