At least 25 people died Monday in the southeastern Chinese province of Canton as powerful Typhoon Usagi lashed the region, causing cuts in electric power and the water supply, paralyzing transportation and sowing chaos among airlines serving the zone.

The storm made landfall in the town of Shanwei with maximum sustained winds of 162 kph (100 mph).

More than 3.66 million people have been affected by Usagi in Canton, where 226,000 were evacuated and where about 7,100 homes were destroyed, according to provincial authorities.

The economic damage so far has been estimated at 3.24 billion yuan ($529.5 million), authorities said.

The typhoon caused cuts in the electricity and water supply in different parts of the region, and railways and bus lines suspended their service in areas along China's eastern coast.

In Hong Kong - which borders on Canton and where normal activity was paralyzed for more than 15 hours as authorities and the public prepared for the storm's arrival - the city is slowly getting back to normal.

The typhoon threat to Hong Kong lessened after the storm changed its course slightly to the north.

Chaos was much in evidence at Hong Kong's Chek Lap Kok airport, however, where about 400 flights were cancelled and 100 were delayed.

Meanwhile, maritime transport services between Hong Kong and China have gradually been resuming starting around midday on Monday.

In The Philippines, two people - a man and a woman - drowned when their boat capsized in the storm. Three other people are missing. EFE