Two soldiers of the International Security Assistance Force died when an improvised explosive device, or IED, blew up in eastern Afghanistan, NATO said Monday.

NATO said in a communique that the incident occurred Sunday but without mentioning exactly where it happened or the nationality of the victims, an announcement that must wait until the families of the slain soldiers are notified.

IED roadside bombs are one of the Taliban rebels' most frequently used methods of inflicting casualties on Afghan and international troops.

Last Saturday three U.S. soldiers of the ISAF were fatally shot by an individual dressed in an Afghan security forces uniform.

This year some 129 NATO soldiers have been killed on Afghan soil, according to the Web site

The number of soldiers of the ISAF mission killed during the first six months of this year was 95, 57 percent fewer than in the same period of 2012, a trend that some analysts attribute to the transfer of security duties to Afghan troops.

In 2011, the ISAF began a gradual withdrawal of its troops and the transfer of security responsibilities to the Afghan army and police.

The process is scheduled to be finalized next year if the current timetable is followed, though at present Kabul, the United States and other important elements of the international community are discussing whether a foreign military presence ought to remain in the country after 2014. EFE