Sinaloa, a state in northwestern Mexico, will need at least $93.3 million to rebuild areas hit by Hurricane Manuel, Gov. Mario Lopez Valdez said.

The amount needed to rebuild could rise as damage estimates are updated, the governor said.

Six cities sustained extensive damage from the heavy rains produced by the storm, but other areas were also affected, Lopez Valdez said.

"I am calling for support for the more than 146,270 Sinaloans in 12 cities affected," Lopez Valdez told reporters.

About 30 percent of the state's highway network, 462 schools, 500 commercial buildings, around 147,000 hectares (362,962 acres) of crops, some railway lines and portions of the irrigation system were damaged.

The death toll from Hurricane Manuel and Hurricane Ingrid, the storms that battered Mexico simultaneously on the Pacific and Gulf coasts last week, currently stands at 101, with three deaths in Sinaloa, but it is expected to rise.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said Saturday there was virtually "no hope" of finding 68 people reported missing following a mudslide in La Pintada, a city in the southern state of Guerrero.

The cities of Sinaloa Municipio, Culiacan, Navolato, Angostura, Mocorito, Badiraguato and Salvador Alvarado are all included in the disaster declaration, Lopez Valdez said.

Fallen trees, collapsed roofs and damaged computer equipment were reported at schools across the state, Sinaloa Education Secretary Francisco Frias said.

Schools were damaged in the cities of Navolato, Culiacan, Badiraguato, Mocorito, Angostura and Salvador Alvarado, Frias said.

Sesame, corn, beans and sorghum were among the crops lost to the storm, Sinaloa Agriculture Secretary Juan Guerra Ochoa said.

The storm also damaged 381 aquaculture facilities in four cities, Ochoa said. EFE