The Cuban government will expand the list of agricultural products for which direct sales are allowed between tourist industry establishments and farmers as part of the "adjustments" it will implement to update the island's socialist economic model, official media reported Sunday.

Starting Oct. 21, a series of resolutions issued by the ministries of agriculture, finance and prices and tourism will enter into force allowing the direct purchase and sale of assorted products and services among hotels and restaurants in the tourist sector and state companies, cooperatives and private farmers.

Among the agricultural products that will be included in the new rules are those that are not processed, such as flowers, ornamental plants, rice, vegetable carbohydrates, dry condiments and chicken eggs, among others, as well floral arrangements.

The resolutions increase the number of products authorized to be sold directly to the tourist sector, Teresa Suarez, an Agriculture Ministry specialist, told the official daily Juventud Rebelde.

She noted that a resolution was first put in place in December 2011 allowing farmers and hotels to directly buy and sell unprocessed agricultural products, rice and vegetable carbohydrates.

Between January and August of this year, 187 cooperatives have been participating in direct sales to the tourist industry and those monthly sales vary between 600 and 800 tons of products, according to Agriculture Ministry data.

Among the Cuban provinces that have best consolidated their positions as direct agricultural providers to hotels and restaurants are Havana and Matanzas, Suarez said. EFE